"From the heart...to the heart"


(L.v.B. on his "Missa Solemnis")

Beethoven Haus Bonn 2020

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In our online biography, the chapter of the years 1801 to 1803 is entitled "Revelations of Silence" and deals with his gradual hearing loss during that period and with his struggle to come to terms with it.  As we know, out of this silence arose the new path that he wanted to follow in his so-called second, heroic style period.  In other words, the silence of these years revealed to him his triumph with works such as his Third Symphony and an outpouring of further masterworks.  What will the silence reveal to us that we have been engulfed with since March, 2020? While the answer to that still eludes us, we can call ourselves fortunate that we can enjoy classical music in general and Beethoven's music in particular.  Beyond that, we can also share interesting information about this music and about the classical masterss.  at least find comfort in listening to Beethovens works and to that of other classical composers.  Also in these challenging times, we will continue to provide our services at no cost to our readers.

We will also remain true to our attitude with respect to the way in which we present our material. Our first debt of gratitude is owed to those who make this activity possible for us, in the first place: the master composers and, among them in this context, above all, of course, Beethoven! Our second obligation--keeping in mind our skills and knowledge as lay people--is the appropriate presentation of our material under these given circumstances.

As lay people with occupational and life experience in the field of German-speaking culture, we are well advised to provide you with information that has been presented by musicology and by biographical research as secured information, and, wherever and whenever this is and can not be the case, yet, we will advise you accordingly.

We also want to point out that we are aware of our strengths and of our limitations. This also finds reflection in our presenting you with links to other interesting cultural web sites.

While we hope that the links we are providing to you will offer you possibilities for further reading and personal enrichment, we can, of course, not be held responsible for their content. That responsibility lies solely with the proprietors of those sites.

In this spirit, we wish you an interesting time of reading and of personal enrichment, both at our web site and with the links provided by us. We thank you for your visit and look forward to welcoming you again, very soon!

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