Ludwig van Beethoven
The Magnificent Master
Picture Gallery 3
Beethoven's Family and Friends

Court Kapellmeister
Louis van Beethoven
Beethoven's Grandfather

Presumably Johann van Beethoven
Beethoven's Father

Presumably Maria Magdalena van Beethoven
nee Kewerich, Beethoven's Mother

Johann van Beethoven
Beethoven's younger brother,
pharmacist and land owner.

Carl van Beethoven,
Beethoven's nephew

Franz Gerhard Wegeler,
Beethoven's oldest Bonn friend.

Silhouette of the
von Breuning family.

Stephan von Breuning

Gerhard von Breuning

Franz Ries

Ferdinand Ries

Friedrich Amenda
A close friend in Vienna

Therese von Brunsvik,
sister of Josephine von Brunsvik

Josephine von Brunsvik.

Giulietta Giuicciardi

Countess Anna Maria Erdoedy

Therese Malfatti
at the piano

Bettina Brentano

Antonie Brentano