Ludwig van Beethoven
The Magnificent Master
Picture Gallery 2
Places Important to Beethoven's Life

Beethoven's birth place in Bonn in the Bonngasse

Today, this building is a research center.

The so-called "Fischer" house, in which two generations of the Beethoven
family lived as tenants of the Fischer family, bakers by trade.

The von-Breuning-House in Bonn,
in which Beethoven spent much of his time during his
youth as a family friend.

Mozart's apartment in Vienna
at the time of Beethoven's visit in 1787

The Lobkowitz Palace in Vienna,
the residence of one of Beethoven's
early patrons.

View of Heiligenstadt
where Beethoven wrote his famous Will
in fhe fall of 1802.

The Theater-an-der-Wien, one of
the places at which Beethoven's works were performed.

Graetz near Troppau, Prince Lichnowsky's Silesian residence,
where Beethoven departed in disagreement in the late summer of 1806.

The Theater am Kaerntnerthor,
where the Ninth Symphony premiered in 1824.

The entrance to Beethoven's last apartment
in the Schwarzspanierhaus.

Beethoven's study in his
Schwarzspanierhaus apartment.

A room at Gneixendorf,
where Beethoven spent the fall
of 1826 with his nephew Karl.

An artist's impression of Beethoven's
funeral procession,
starting from the Schwarzspanierhaus.